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Asked 04/09/2007 11:45 am CT (Bethany, OK)

I live in a 2 and 1/2 year old home with 1,50,000.00 dollars mortgage remaining to pay off. Current market value of the home is around 2,50,000.00 for a 2600 square feet home. Our yearly gross income is 85,000.00 dollars. Our personal property value is about 75,000.00 and 401k value is 80,000.00. Our Credit history is excellent. We do not have to pay any other payments other than utility bills. Can I rent this home and buy another home? If I can, for how much we can qualify for? Or are there any other options available? AV


You would need to speak with a lender in your area, but it sounds like you should have no problem qu...

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Asked 04/24/2006 05:23 am CT (Grand Rapids, MI)

Does paying your utility bills late negatively affect a credit score? I always pay the mortgage and credit card payments on time, but sometimes the utility and cell phone bill may be a bit late. Just wondering.


You're doing the right thing. Always pay the mortgage first. Only pay your utilities first if someth...

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