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Asked 03/19/2008 01:03 pm CT (selkirk, Manitoba)

Me and my ex purchased a house in july 1995 for 65000., he moved out in jan 1996 and left me with the house. in dec 2000 i had to move cuz i couldnt afford the house anymore, i gave up the house voluntarily, the bank took it over and sold it for 59000., now ever since then i have a collection agency after me saying i still owe like 23,000. but i still dont understand where the money of 5 years that i paid went to? i figure i paid like 40,000. where did that money go? also they say my opening balance was 73,000 how could it go up? i have a paper from 1998 saying my balance was 63000. I just don understand whats going on. and they got me to send them a financial statement and stat declaration so i did and made them an offer of 2000., they come back saying that i had to options 1-pay the 2000. one lump sum or 2- if i had to make payments i had to pay 4000., i dont know what to do. im a single mother with 4 children. any advice how i can find out what to do, im willing to pay the 2000. but only by payments cuz i dont have money. is bankruptcy a good idea? thats how my ex got his name off there. please let me know asap cuz their calling me and stressing me out threatening to garnish my wages.


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Asked 03/23/2007 02:48 pm CT (akron, OH)

I have a prior bankruptcy two years ago this march it included a home that was not resold until 13 months ago and at that time my name was taken off the title at the time of bankruptcy my lawyer did not tell me to have that removed. So I have a foreclosure only 13 months. My credit score remains low after bankruptcy (590) I am a single mother and have a good job but no savings at this time is there any 100% loans I qualify for or any programs to help me pay for down payment?