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Asked 04/26/2008 11:00 pm CT (Baltimore, MD)

My mother passed away 26years ago. I never removed her name from the deed on the house ,which is paid for, what do I need to do Now ?


I'd first ask you why you want her removed from the deed, are you just cleaning up your record keepi...

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Asked 01/31/2008 10:41 am CT (Enola, PA)

Hi, my mother passed in 2002 and my husband and I moved in with my father and I am his power of attorney. I have 7 other siblings and they all agreed on the POA. His home is paid for. He is 86 years old and in pretty good health. As of right now he has a will and a living will. In his will he has it stated that when he passes all living siblings split everything. His house his worth about two hundred thousand. My husband is going to be 58 years old and I told my siblings that if we have to live with my father for another 5 years or so until he does pass that my husband and I will not be able to go out and by a house and get a mortgage anywhere and asked them what they thought about my dad's house being put in my name. They all agreed with this and I talked to my dad about it and he doesn't have a problem with leaving me the house so my husband and I have a place to live after my father passes. The house is starting to need some repairs and my father doesn't have the money for them so I thought if my name was on the deed or whatever then my husband and I could refinance the house and get a home equity loan and use that money to fix the house up and my husband and I would make the payments on the loan. What can we do in this situation, I told my siblings that if we don't start taking care of the house repairs it isnn't going to be worth much in 5 or 10 years down the road if I don't get on the deed and do something about it. Other wise I told them i am going to have to move out rather than put my own money into a house that isn't mine.


You're absolutely right. Keeping up on home maintenance is one of the best ways to preserve the val...

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