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Asked 08/26/2008 01:18 pm CT (paducah, KY)

I filed Bankruptcy, and the mortgage company was supposed to foreclose on my house,my guess is because it had roof damage, ect. I got a letter saying that they charged it off and cancelled the sale. I know I can live in it and rent it out, but can't sell it until they release the deed. I don't want to put alot of money into it if they can come back again. How do I get them to release the deed? or can they come back after they charged it off? Homeless



Asked 01/30/2008 09:37 am CT (holyoke, MA)

Hi, I have two mortgages on my home. The frist one is real nice, But the other one sends the bill after the due date. they all so add a late fee. This month I called them up and told them that I had better then have of this month payment in a money they told me that they would not take anything but full payment. The payment is for this month. What I would like to know. Can they do this all so They send me a letter saying that if I sent them a check ther would go into my checking account and take the money out.



Asked 11/27/2007 08:46 am CT (Kennesaw, GA)

My God-Son bought us a house in 2005 and the mortgage is with HSBC. He paid on this house faithfully for the whole years and they sent us a letter saying that we had to much money in escrow and sent us a check.Then this year they send us a letter saying that we did not have enough money from escrow and the mortgage amount went from 469.00 to 888.00, Now there is no way he can pay this payment,I should also say that this house is in Rochester NY and we moved to Ga and are renting the house out,We moved for my daughter to go to a better high school and be elgible for the hope scholarship we are most definetly low income and could use whatever help is possible.



Asked 06/02/2007 03:01 pm CT (Indianapolis, IN)

I have an FHA mortgage that I've had for almost a year. The FHA rep sent me a letter saying that I could qualify for a lower interest rate (I'm a 7.0% now and could go as low as 5.875%) Is this an ok thing to do? Or am I going to pay penalities? Also, do I now get another 30 year mortgage even though I've paid for one year already?


Sara, You will not be required to pay any penalties with an FHA mortgage. You may actually quali...

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