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Asked 02/19/2008 06:29 pm CT (saraland, AL)

my wife and i are looking to buy our first home and our credit scores are just below 600. i have recently been discharged from a chapter 13 and have no debt at all. my wife has kept a clean nose for a year now with no late payments and have never been late on the mobile home we are financing now (with only 10,000 left owing).our income together is 85k. what options due we have during this credit crunch we keep hearing about? can my wife alone finance without me on the loan?


Rick, it is possible for your wife to obtain a home loan without you on the loan providing she can q...

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Asked 11/12/2007 07:42 pm CT (Sulphur, LA)

My Husband And I signed over the deed to our home July 16th 2007 because the Mortgage had become too much for us to keep up with. We were behind on a few payments and were trying to sell our house by owner and even with the help of a real estate agent. .After a few months of trying we decided to contact an investor who said if we signed an assumption of deed over to him, he would make the payments until he could find someone to purchase it. Well, he did find someone to do an owner finance for at a year..they paid him a generous down payment and then monthly payments as well. Since we were behind the investor had to work out a repayment plan with our lender. this was spread out over a years time,and is still reporting late on our credit...further damaging it and we are still responsible for the note even though we signed over the deed. I talked with him about selling the property now so we could be off the loan, but the agreement he signed with the people now living in our house says they must wait a year to obtain financing. The reason for this is we have equity in our home and will have even more when the pre-payment penalty drops off next year. he is stands to make at least$30,000 off our home and we walked away with nothing. He has not made one payment on time in the last few months and the Mortgage company keeps calling us. I called the people living in the home and discussed the arrangement they have w/the investor. He has mislead them in many ways and us! they were not aware that we were still on the loan! Now I am wondering what my legal rights are in reassuming my home or even working out something with the new tenants to sell outright to them at a lesser amount. Do we have any rights? Our credit is not in great shape because of late payments, A discharged Ch.7, medical bills( all three of our children had tonsils out), I have not worked for the past few years, etc. BUT I am now working again and our Monthly net income together is $5800. Could someone please help us to repair our damaged credit and possibly gain control of our home again so we can make a profit from it and further improve our credit. Jen