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Asked 08/05/2008 10:53 am CT (Brewer, ME)

If my husband filed bankruptcy chapter 7. It has been discharge. His name is the only one that was on the mortgage but both of our names are on the deed. What happens to me?


Nothing happens to you. House could be foreclosed on if mortgage is not paid though....

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Asked 10/09/2007 12:39 pm CT (Washington, DC)

Hello, My husband filed chpt. 13 in order to save our home, however the loan company "worked" out an agreement in which we paid $2300 a month not inclusive of the rent we pay of $1100 monthly. Needless to say it was a disaster. The house went to foreclosure in sept. The loan was in his name. I am interested in purchasing a home in a few months and wanted to know if I could include him on in the obtaining of a mortgage? I plan on purchasing in the next 6-7 months , at that time he would have been in clpt. 13, 19 months. How does the foreclosure affect the chpt. 13?


Sorry, I meant Nicole!

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Asked 10/03/2007 02:03 pm CT (san jose, CA)

Me and my husband filed chapter 7 bankruptcy 8 years ago it will not come off our credit report until Nov '09, our credit scores are 730 and 731. Our there any good loans for 1st time home buyers.


Hi Patricia - Our office is just up the 880 in Castro Valley - We have both real estate services and...

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Asked 04/16/2007 10:31 am CT (Renton, WA)

We have two loans on the house...we received a letter from the bigger of the two loans that they would be increasing our interest rate and they could increase it every 6 months from this point on. We had a pre-payment penality for 3 years but that 3 years will be up this month...the only thing is that my husband filed bankruptcy probably about a year ago. At the time we weren't married but we both owned the house with me being primary owner. We have no been married for about 4 months. Initially I had good credit but he had the money. I still have the better credit but I owe alot. My question long typically should we wait before we refinance especially with the bankruptcy? Would it be better to refinace now in hopes that we get it at a fixed rate? Or should we wait a little longer even though the interest rate will continue to increase every 6 months?


Melita- Well I disagree on the value of the house declining. Maybe in other parts of the countRy...

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Asked 03/28/2007 07:31 am CT (Reading, PA)

My husband filed bankruptcy 3 years ago. Ch13. He thought it was a 3 yr it is a 5. We get letters all the time about paying it off early. I didn't file have decent credit, but we want to get my debt paid off. His interest rate on his mortgage is 8.5. Can we refinance everything get this bankruptcy taken care of and put my name on everything? Right now I am not on the mortgage or deed. He did this right before we got married and one day I would like to buy a new home.


You should be able to refinance out of your Chapter 13, but will need enough equity in the home to d...

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Asked 03/26/2007 11:14 am CT (fort payne, AL)

me and my husband filed bk. discharged in aug.2002.we did not file on our home and farm and we have sense paid it off whant to borrow using our home and our farm dont know if should take out equity or do a first mortgage. we want to fix up our home and farm and purchase some income property.we have middle scores 700 & 720 now


Assuming your good credit also means stable adequate income, you can take out a new mortgage. Main ...

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