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Asked 02/24/2008 05:25 am CT (Thomasville, GA)

I have tried, unsuccessfully, to find someone to refinance my 2001 Homestead 16x80 mobile home. It is financed through Greentree with a variable interest rate (presently 14.625). Greentree will not refinance nor will they consider financing for anyone wanting to purchase this home. I tried to sell it but found that, due to the amount owed on it (roughly $27,000)it makes more sense to buy a new home than to buy this one. I have a good tenant living in it who wants to buy it herself but her credit is poor. I have a chapter 7 bankruptcy which was discharged in November 2005. My fico scores are right under 600. I am desperate to find someone to refinance this home on a fixed interest rate so that the payment will be more affordable and predictable. The current payment is $374.89 and she must also pay $150.00 lot rent. If the payment continues to rise, I will lose my tenant. No one seems willing to take a chance on refinancing for me although I have a good job I have been working for 6 years, with a decent salary (appx. $35,000/yr). I just got a promotion and will be moving in the next week or so to start my new job. I would love to get this mobile home refinanced (or financed for my tenant) before I go. Does anyone know of a mortgage company who would refinance for me?


Ask your neighbors. Find out which lenders are financing all the other mobile homes and then approac...

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Asked 03/25/2007 03:48 pm CT (Rosepine, LA)

In 1999, my husband and I purchased a home. When the 9-11 attacks happened we refinanced our home from a thirty year to a fifteen year mortgage to get a lower and fixed interest rate. Due to my low credit rating, my spouse said the lawyer suggested he have me sign a document that would take me off the mortgage so only my spouse's credit rating would be a factor. I am now, after fifteeen years of marriage, and five children, going through an ugly divorce and my spouse is trying to use this document to dispute the community property law in the state of Louisiana, so that he may gain the house which I was awarded due to minor children still in the home. We currently owe 50,000 and it is valued at about 85,000. To keep from having to split the value of the equity in our home with me, he is now using this document to stop me from benefiting in any way. I need to know the name of the type of document they had me sign, and what if any rights I have according to LA laws. Thank you.


It's called a Quit Claim Deed.

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