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Sheila Clark Asked:

My ex and I are expected at court on Monday 7/6 regarding a Summary Judgement for our 2nd Mtg. We have a 1st with Countrywide and the 2nd with Wachovia. We have not been able to make pymts on the 1st for 14 months and the and none on the 2nd for the last year because we both became unemployed and have since divorced. My ex is still living in the home and the 1st Mtg Lender is still waiting for him to get a job so he can possibly do a modification etc. The 2nd Mortgage lender is taking us to court for non-payment. We have had the home on the market from the beginning trying to sell or short sale and no takers. What exactly can happen to us when we see the Judge on Monday. The house has not foreclosed yet on the 1st mortgage we have not even heard from them. Can the 2nd Mtg lender put a judgement on us for the $62,000.00 owed even though the 1st mtg lender supercedes? Please advise. Also with the declining market the 1st mortgage would not even be satisfied even if the house sold today. So what happens exactly. Since we are unemployed we do not have any resources for pymt of legal advice that is why I am asking. Please help! [Orlando FL]