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Richard Mesick Asked:

My mother has filed a quickclaim deed with the county as \"rights of survorship\" to me. We want to add my name to the actual deed with the mortgage company. Will I be required to re-finance the home with the mortgage company (bank of america)? When the loan was with country wide we were told that as long as I was on the actual deed to the home I could simply continue the payments. I have no interest in selling the home and just want to live in it. [Jacksonville FL]



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Answer Provided by: James Campanella [06/30/2009]

You would have to check directly with BofA, but most likely yes. Just because you are on the deed, it does not mean that you have the ability to repay. If at some time your mother is off the title or she passes away, the mortgage will become due. You will have to refinance that property into your name to payoff your mothers debt.