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T. M. Asked:

Hi, I have lost 2 offers to purchase on my home. My ex-husband refuses to sign anything below $440,000. We have been trying to sell for over a year. My question is what are my legal avenues? I am not able to maintain living in the marital home, it is too expensive and I am going to be broke in a very short while. The divorce papers state we must sell the home by the way. Thank you for any guidance. [Waukesha WI]



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Answer Provided by: Rudy Ibric [01/06/2010]

T.M. Mortgage professionals in general will not be able to provide legal advice. It would be best to discuss the matter with your divorce attorny. However, it does seem unusual to me that you would need your ex-husband's approval if you were awarded the property in the divorce. If you were not awarded the property is there a price at which you should sell stipulated in the divorce decree?