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Rhonda Bradley Asked:

I was seperated the past 5 yrs from my ex husband after 27 yrs of marriage we own a home which I stayed in after he left 5 yrs ago we finally divorced aug 08 i didnt think I could afford to keep it and he didnt want it then he gets a g/f 20 yrs his jr decides he wants the house during the divorce for her (of course). In the decree it states he was to refinance the home he has not thus far, I let him and her move in nov 08 i moved into an apartment. he borrowed 3000.00 towards paying me my half of the equity, he still owes me money and both our names remain on the mortgage and deed.he really doesnt want the house but i do and to boot I recently found out the g/f who is living in our home has a violent criminal record and has even been in prison she is very unstable I did not know about this or I would have never agreed for her to move into the house. he doesnt want to know and shes hounding him for her name to go on the deed which cant happen because there is no way my name comes off the deed while I am still on the mortgage. I am very concerned she may go "off the deep end" yet again and do something to the house as I said her criminal record shows she is clearly unstable she has thrown our daughter out of the home and moved her 13 yr old son in. Since he failed to refinance and the house remains in both our names he cant refinance as he waited too long and now is paying spousal support to me while Im in college. my 2 questions are what rights do i have to the house? and is it possible to evict this woman before she does irrevocable damage? he wont face this wont listen doesnt want to know if he chooses to live with a convicted violent felon thats his perogitive but I do not choose to have that living in a home I still own and am responsible for.I would much rather give him the 3000.00 back he has paid me and not take anymore payments from him and take back my house ..any advce? [Cincinnati OH]