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Chassidy R Asked:

My husbands credit score is around 480 and mine is 560. We are looking to buying our first home. Any suggestion as to what programs can help us. thanks [Fort Worth TX]



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Answer Provided by: Andi Bilbrey [02/24/2009]

Chassidy, Please give me a call at 214-420-1300x118 Thank you, Andi Bilbrey

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Answer Provided by: Danny S. Kim [02/25/2009]

Consult w/ a mortgage broker to determine a plan of action. You will need to work w/ a credit expert or on your own to improve your scores. Start by paying down credit card balances. Also, dispute and correct any errors in negative items reported w/ the credit bureaus. Min score req'ts are becoming more stringent. You will need to get to 580-620 and above to get into an FHA loan these days.