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My husband and I are currently renting a two bedroom house, but 4 months ago we had our second child so we are now looking to BUY our first house. I have poor credit and my husband has no credit. We are current on all of our bills and my husband just got a new job 3 months ago. My husbands take home pay is about $3200.00-$4000.00 per month. I get paid an hourly wage, but also make commission which makes it so i can't prove my income but I bring home about $1200.00-$1600.00 per month. My husband did have a judgement against him because someone didn't pay a bill they were suppose to pay- but we are now paying it. We need to move to make room for our family. [Waterloo IA]



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Answer Provided by: Jason Beard [12/03/2009]