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Robin Overturf Asked:

First I must say that you do not have the city I live in on your list so I just picked one. Anyway here is my situation. I need to refinance my home to lower my payment, repair my roof and lower my interest rate and I have done everything that I have been asked to do. I have a manufactured home and land appraised at 75,000. My credit is good and I actually pass FHA inspection and have released the title to my home. The only problem I run into is there is no properties such as mine that have sold in the past two years. Now I do live in the smallest county in PA we only have 5300 people and sales are a little slower. There are a lot of manufactured homes being purchased as they are affordable for folks but no one is selling. I am at my wits end and don't know what to do. I am struggling to maintain my house payment the way it is and am afraid I will have to let it go back. The current lender will not consider refinancing the loan. Do you have any suggestions? [State College PA]