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Ken Asked:

I recently was approved for a VA home loan. When the paper work went to the underwritter I was required to write several letters. 1 explaining why I filed bankrupcy in 2002 2nd since I was retired What I was going to do to be sure I pay my bills on time/live within my means on a fixed income 3rd What I have learned from past derogatory credit history that will help me continue to make payments on time. Then they requested 3 months of bank statements on how I spent my money. According to the Veteran Admin website they should only hold bankrupcy against you if it is 2 years or less. My credit scores were in the 600's highist 658. They approved the intial loan application. But when the underwriter got it it was everyday want a letter treating me as a little kid. This company only does VA loans Can they do this? make you write letters, explain and prove how you spend your money? [Huntington WV]