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Nana Asked:

My mother passed away 26years ago. I never removed her name from the deed on the house ,which is paid for, what do I need to do Now ? [Baltimore MD]



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Answer Provided by: Drew Sygit [04/28/2008]

Take a copy of her death certificate to your county office and ask them what forms to fill out.

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Answer Provided by: James Adamson [04/29/2008]

Nana, If you need assitance i have a title company that would help you take care of this. James Adamson Branch Manager 410-552-9126

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Answer Provided by: Tom Shea [04/29/2008]

I'd first ask you why you want her removed from the deed, are you just cleaning up your record keeping or do you want to refinance and need a clear deed to do so? If you are already on the deed and you want to refinance you can just give a copy of the death certificate to your title company at closing and they will record the new note and deed with out Mom's name for you. There are many good title companies in Maryland that would handle that easily, I'm sure your LO can recommend one.