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jerry Asked:

I am a vet, honorable discharge and 58 years old. I am currently a caretaker for my mother who is 88 years old , does not require medical care- but daily physical care ( making sure she gets food prepped, a bath, transportation to dr. visits etc..) I have 8 living bro/sisters..and I get paid by them monthly of $800.00 in personal check form, along with a retirement check of $125.00 per month..I want to take advatage of my Va benefits by applying for a VA mortgage loan. I have just begun this job this past year of taking care of my mother and will file taxes at end of 08. (was taking care of her w/out financial income last yr)..can I still qualify for a VA mortgage loan? I would only need about $45,000 or less- my daughter has property (14 acres) and I want to get a small 1 bedroom log cabin kit to put up on the property..would I be allowed to do that and qualify for a mortgage loan thru the daughter said she'd sign any needed paperwork approving me to put a dwelling (no bigger than a barn on the property, they have already had a spot perked approved for me to put in a home. thanks so much for a helpful site to an old guys questions:-) Jerry [crossville TN]