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Jinx Asked:

My husband and I bought a home about 8 years ago. It was our first home and we got scammed into taking on a balloon payment of $20,000 due after the first 2 years. Needless to say we couldn't pay that much all at once. We went to a place trying to refinance and they ran our credit so many different times that they decreased our credit score below what they said they would allow and refused to refinance us. This took so long that by the time they told us they wouldn't refinance us the balloon payment was up and we were being threatened with forclosure. We decided then to do a chapter 13 bankruptcy to pay back this amount owed in a way that we could more readily afford. Between now and the time that we filed the bankruptcy I have lost my job 4 times. 2 times due to downsizing companies, once due to health problems, and once due to an employer who decided after hiring someone they knew they would have to train, that they couldn't spare the time. Through all of this I have tenaciously found the way to make my mortgage payments along with my chapeter 13 payments. Now however it seems to me like my mortgage company is trying it's darnedst to take my home (which has risen in value to almost 3 times what we initially got the loan for). I was late on a mortgage payment once and they filed for a dismissal of my chapter 13 so that they could forclose. I pulled it out and made all the payments needed so they dropped it. The legal document filed, however, said that if after 3 times of payments not being on time they could dismiss the 13 and forclose right away. Since the first time I have paid my payments on time and made sure to get proof of delivery from the postal service each time. They have since claimed that I was late once before, which I proved incorrect, and now they have sent me a document that says that I have alledgedly been late again and they are going to forclose. I have only $500.00 left on my chapter 13. If I get my bankrupcy lawyer to fight it, he will tack on more money for his services to the 13 and it will take longer and I'm not sure this mortgage company is going to give up on trying to forclose on me! What should I do? Even when the 13 is over I will still be with the same mortgage company and probably still be facing forclosure every time they decide they want to mess with me! [Ivins UT]



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Answer Provided by: Danny S. Kim [03/20/2008]

Get away from that mortgage company AND make your pymts on time. If you can't afford the home, I'd suggest selling it and working to a point where you can again. I'd look into an FHA loan which doesn't have a minimum credit score requirement AND allows those in Ch13 to apply given record of good pymts. Good luck!