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M. Morris Asked:

I have tried, unsuccessfully, to find someone to refinance my 2001 Homestead 16x80 mobile home. It is financed through Greentree with a variable interest rate (presently 14.625). Greentree will not refinance nor will they consider financing for anyone wanting to purchase this home. I tried to sell it but found that, due to the amount owed on it (roughly $27,000)it makes more sense to buy a new home than to buy this one. I have a good tenant living in it who wants to buy it herself but her credit is poor. I have a chapter 7 bankruptcy which was discharged in November 2005. My fico scores are right under 600. I am desperate to find someone to refinance this home on a fixed interest rate so that the payment will be more affordable and predictable. The current payment is $374.89 and she must also pay $150.00 lot rent. If the payment continues to rise, I will lose my tenant. No one seems willing to take a chance on refinancing for me although I have a good job I have been working for 6 years, with a decent salary (appx. $35,000/yr). I just got a promotion and will be moving in the next week or so to start my new job. I would love to get this mobile home refinanced (or financed for my tenant) before I go. Does anyone know of a mortgage company who would refinance for me? [Thomasville GA]



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Answer Provided by: Danny S. Kim [03/20/2008]

Ask your neighbors. Find out which lenders are financing all the other mobile homes and then approach them.