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rick j Asked:

my wife and i are looking to buy our first home and our credit scores are just below 600. i have recently been discharged from a chapter 13 and have no debt at all. my wife has kept a clean nose for a year now with no late payments and have never been late on the mobile home we are financing now (with only 10,000 left owing).our income together is 85k. what options due we have during this credit crunch we keep hearing about? can my wife alone finance without me on the loan? [saraland AL]



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Answer Provided by: Darrell & Lizette Evans [02/21/2008]

Rick, it is possible for your wife to obtain a home loan without you on the loan providing she can qualify on her own income/credit etc. Unfortunately, since you've just discharged the Bk, you'd have to wait until it's been 24 months from the discharge...did she file? (you said she's been clean for a year now...not sure what you mean) I'd be happy to help walk you through options that may assist...feel free to call us at 800-270-1924 ext. 0 or visit us at